Glass Crushing

NWH Group would like to introduce our new glass crushing service.

We can provide you with a quiet, environmentally friendly bottle crusher which helps you manage your waste glass safely and efficiently.

No more wheelie bins full of glass bottles, with a glass crusher we can reduce the storage volume by up to 80%. 

Handling and storage will be quicker, safer and more efficient and we help reduce the amount of glass reaching landfills and cut down on CO₂emissions entering the atmosphere, making a real difference towards protecting the environment. 

What are the benefits of using a glass crusher in your business?

  •          You dont need to separate your glass bottles by colour.
  •          You dont need to remove fruit, straws, labels or caps from bottles.
  •          Glass crushers reduces required glass waste storage by up to 80%.
  •          Crushed glass is quiet to uplift.
  •          Crushing glass removes dangerous bottles from the streets.
  •          Crushed glass means less refuse uplifts, less refuse vehicles, less congestion, less fuel wasted, less pollution.
  •          Glass crushers can be used to facilitate reverse haulage for glass waste.
  •          Helps outlets meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and qualifies towards environmental awards.

Our Service Agreement includes machine rental, maintenance and glass collection.  Alternatively, you can purchase the glass crusher outright.

Did you know?

The great thing about glass is that glass can be recycled indefinitely without ever losing its clarity or purity.

Need more information?

Still unsure if a glass crushing is right for your business, contact our Trade Waste team who would be happy to discuss an answer any questions you may have. 


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