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Winter Gritting

At this time of year there there is always the risk of a temperature drop, we at the NWH Group are thinking about the months ahead. Unfortunately, winter brings snow and ice which can be hazardous in car parks, foot paths and other areas. These elements bring massive disruptions to any site and with huge potential for injury to staff or members of the public, it is essential that it is managed and controlled properly.

NWH Gritting Services are fully equipped to provide gritting and snow clearing services throughout Scotland. Over the years we have been servicing local businesses, retail parks, industrial estates and educational institutions.

reactive service is available for snow clearing or extra gritting services whenever you need it. Requests can be made directly to NWH for gritters and snow ploughs to be dispatched to your business grounds at any time, just simply get in touch and within hours we can provide for you.

With our proactive, automated service, our teams are on 24/7 standby throughout winter and will operate before 6am to ensure your business and grounds are safe and accessible at the start of your working day. Through the use of the MET office, we will monitor temperatures for you and dispatch gritters where necessary without the need for you to request our services each time.  Our fleet is equipped with GPRS tracking to ensure efficient coordination and a 24 hour emergency helpline is available to all contract customers.

Our range of proactive and reactive gritting packages offer a level of cover to suit every budget and unlike most providers, we cover you for a full year ensuring your site is treated even during prolonged winter periods. No matter what happens with fuel and salt prices, your rates will never increase during the period cover.

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