8 Yard Skips

1.22m High x 3.66m Long and 1.68m wide

Traditionally known as the builders skip this is by far the most popular of skips across all industries due to its small footprint and ability to hold bulky and heavy materials.

14 Yard Skips

1.8m High x 4.1m long and 2.4m wide

Another popular choice with builders and offers more capacity than the 8 yard skip. It is ideally suited for mixed construction waste or for onsite timber segregation. 14 yard skips are available with open tops or enclosed with lids. Enclosed containers are ideal for collecting light waste such as cardboard or plastics. 

20 Yard Skips

1.3m High x 6.1m Long and 2.4m wide

The 20 yard Roll-On Roll-Off container is usually for trade use and is ideal for heavy construction and demolition waste.

40 Yard Skips

2.51m High x 6.1m Long and 2.4m wide

Usually for trade use and is popular with house builders. This skip is suited to large amounts of light construction waste.

Front End Loader Skips (FELs)

Front End Loader Skips (FELs) are ideal for companies across Scotland producing large amounts of light, compactable, bulky dry waste. The FEL bins are robust steel units with light hard wearing, easily operated plastic lids. The FEL is fitted with forklift sleeves meaning it can be lifted across your site to the point where the waste is being produced. The design of the FEL allows for full usage of the 6.1 metre/8 yards.



Front End Loader Skips are used to collect and dispose of the following waste types:

-General Waste

-Dry Mixed Recycling (no plastic bags)

-Compactable industrial and commercial waste

-Not suitable for glass

-Not suitable for hazardous waste

-Not suitable for food waste



Mobility - N/A

Width - 6.5 feet

Front Height - 4.5 feet

Back Height - 7 feet

Depth - 6 feet