Our 4 Core Values are:


Safety is paramount in everything we do and training is at the heart of Health and Safety at Work to ensure we have all the skills in which to work safely. We have an obligation to ensure the safety of our people and the public at large as we go about our business across Scotland to deliver our products and services.   


Our company compliance means following to a rule, a specification, policy, standard or law. It is the goal that we aspire to achieve to ensure that we comply with relevant laws and regulations. We invest heavily in training and development to help our people continuously understand and follow compliance to ensure excellence throughout the business.

Customer Service

The Customer is at the heart of everything we do; the need to understand our customers and deliver their expectations is paramount to our success. In delivering this we will retain our customers, attract new customers and develop our people in the delivery of the products and services for which we are renowned.


"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success!” - We encourage and promote Teamwork throughout our organisation, as this is ultimately the key to our success, having the right people working together to create the fulfilling environment in which we work.